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xfinity home security fraud/scam

I want to share my xfinity story.

before I closed on my house, I lived in a apartment, I contacted xfinity about services, they came out and installed it, from the beginning their was intermittent internet disruptions, the internet was not installed correctly, though going into the modom website, I was able to see that I was actually connected to my neighbors account, I could see all their information from my router, I called xfinity customer support and they sent out a technician at least 5 times, all of them was unable to solve my problem, even knowing I could access my neighbors account information though my modem ip address, they eventually after a lot of frustration was able to troubleshoot and solve the problem, something to the effect of not having a moca filter installed to allow for independent access to the internet. this was just the tip of my iceberg with xfinity,

after I closed on my house, I purchased the quad package and the mobile service, all in all sending about $300 to xfinity every month. because I am a 100% disabled combat veteran with severe ptsd, safety and security is one of my triggers due to hypervigilance and extreme suspiciousness, after the so called professional home security installataion technician left the house, he left me with one last answer to my questions, am I good to go? he told me yes, I was all good.

the home security system technician came separately from the technician that set up the television, phone and the internet, after he left i was left with the impression that the security system had been installed correctly by a fully qualified and professional home security installation technician.

some time after 21 may 2018 , the date of the first false alarm violation that the police department charged me with, i received a letter that appeared to be scam mail to me, as i have been bombarded with many scam mails since moving into my new house i discarded it as i was certain that if their was a issue with my security system, the xfinity professional monitoring service would of contacted me and we could of found a solution to the problem.

but the xfinity home security service is anything but professionally monitored, after the alarm was triggered and they attempted to contact me, attempting to contact me by a wrong number submitted by the home security system technician, the customer service represented told me, they tried to contact me by phone and when they was unable to reach me, they alerted the police, when or if they contacted the police, it is unknown to me as I did not observe any sort of response during this time, i am a disabled combat veteran, i do not leave my house except on rare occasions, often months or more in between events, i would of been very aware if the alarm actually triggered, and I would have been available if the police department actually did any sort of security check, there was no follow up on the alarm, the professional monitoring service did not even check to see if their customer was even still alive after a triggered alarm response, me or one of my family members could of been in grave danger, but since the alarm secretly triggered and the professional monitoring service did nothing to ensure the safety or the security of the customer, the security system is very easy to disable or to mitigate as a whole, especially since their is no actual professional monitoring nor was their engagement with the police verify and to secure the alarm or to investigate the systems malfunction.

it appears to me, especially after the 2nd alarm situation that happened on 15 sept 2018, of which i was unaware of until i received a 2nd fine letter from the police department, during this false alarm scenario, me and 2 other members of my family was near the security console, the device never sounded or showed sign that there was a security situation, I was able to personally observe the police when they responded to the 2nd alarm, I was able to observe the police vehicle that responded to the 2nd false alarm, parked in front of my house, I was able to look out my front window at the police officer sitting in their vehicle showing no sign of investigation nor care or concern, playing on his phone, i was very confused and did not understand why the police officer had parked in front of my house, when i received the letter, i was able to review my security camera footage of the event and determine that police officer did pull up shortly after the time of the alarm was placed, but the police officer did not serve and did not protect, only drove away after a few moments of sitting in front of my house.

at this point i had my partner contact xfinity to try to resolve this issue and try to understand what had happened, she was transferred around several times before being told that she was being transferred to a supervisor, but another xfinity lie, we instead got allen, and after some time of listening to their conversation, i stepped in because his disrespect toward my partner was more then i would stand for, so i took control of the phone and informed allen, that a new person was on the phone and he was in fact dealing with the home owner of the property and the person that pays the bill, i then informed him of the situation, of which allen was not willing to try to help me, he only insisted that the fault in the system was ours, because we was improperly using the equipment, allen gave the excuse that because our emergency contact information for the security system did not have a correct phone number inputted, I tried to explain to allen that the installation technician had set everything up for us and I had used the equipment that they had provided me to interact with the security system, again i was fully with thought that everything was working as intended, I had expectations when the xfinity home security installation technician left my house and told us that we were good to go, I did not have any reason not to trust xfinity.

after some time of not being able to get any resolution for my problem with allen i asked him to transfer me to a supervisor, he refused to transfer and continued to argue with me, disrespect me, he refused to answer and of my questions, instead of giving me a simple and direct answer, allen would insist on blaming me for not installing the equipment correctly, after approximately two hours on the phone with allen, demanding to talk to somebody that could actually help me, allen muted his mic and did not speak with me, i feel as if this was a direct attempt to get me to hang up so that he did not have to help me with my situation.

while i was on the phone with allen once he had refused to transfer me to a supervisor or to help me resolve my problem, i used a 2nd phone available to me, also another xfniity product that i pay for, a mobile phone,

i contacted customer support with the intent to both report allen and to resolve my problem, i spoke to a woman that appeared to want to help me, but she also worked in the same department as allen, and its my belief that they sandbagged me for their own personal enjoyment, she told me that i would be receiving a scheduled call back from a supervisor, being that it was already late at my location when she told me this, i ended up siting by the phone waiting for a phone call that never took place, after midnight i stopped waiting by the phone.

when i woke up, i immediately contacted customer service again and spoke with another of xfinity customer service representatives, after 40 minutes of trying to explain my situation to this guy, he disconnects the conversation, at this point i immediately contact back xfinity customer service where i am discussing my situation with another group of people, i eventually get in contact with a billing and loyalty supervisor, who after discussing my issue with him, tells me that xfinity will only give me a 20$ credit for my situation.

i had not even asked for any sort of money, i was telling this guy i want to cancel my xfinity home security and for me to be reimbursed for the service i was not provided,

i was scheduled for a appointment at 1500 hours on Friday 21 sept 2018, this appointment never happened, i contacted customer support again though chat on my computer at this time, because the customer service representatives was severely triggering my ptsd and i was having a difficult time managing my frustrations over the phone, but i feel like after dealing with the myriad of xfinity representatives and the over all level of disrespect and inability to help a customer, that xfinity customer service representatives lack any sort of training that would prepare them for helping a customer with a problem.

another appointment was scheduled for 0800 22 sept 2018, the technician arrived, i asked him what they had sent him here to do, he told me he was here to fix a front door sensor, i told him that i am going to make his job easy for him, all he had to do is take the xfinity malfunctioning equipment back, he refused to receive the malfunctioning equipment as i requested when arranging the appointment, i told him to get on the phone with his supervisor and to figure out what is going on, at which point he refused to contact the supervisor, refuse to accept the malfunctioning equipment and he left canceling the appointment.

at which point i got back on my computer and contacted customer support again and explained the situation, with more fake apologizes and another appointment for a technician of which at the moment that this letter is being written has elapsed, i feel like at this point i have fully exhausted my willpower to contact xfinity customer support again, explain my situation again, and to be lied to and disrespected again.

i am disabled combat veteran and i suffer from ptsd, safety and security are triggers of mine and i take them very seriously and all i wanted to do is feel a little safe in my own home, i was counting on this security system to essentially provide me two key elements of security, it would sound a alarm allowing me to try and attempt a defensive posture so that i can maintain the situation until law enforcement arrives in order to back me up and to take control over the environment, and i can whole heartedly say in every conceivable way i can comprehend, this security system has failed me and my family.

I was never provided a insurance security certificate from xfinity

I was never provided with a threat deterrence security sign

I was not provided with a fully operational security system

I was not provided a professionally installed security system

I was not provided professionally monitored security system

I am lucky to be alive after trusting xfinity home security system

I am being charged by the police department due to false alarms

I was not provided adequate customer service while dealing with safety and security for my family

currently I am dealing with tina, she tells me she is with comcast corperate, but she also tells me that she has no authority over my account and she cant actually do anything for me. she was the person assigned to my case after I submitted a BBB complaint, I am still waiting for comcast to get in contact with me for my FCC complaint, but tina insists that the fault is mine, she told me it was my responsivity to make sure the security system was installed correctly

I have apparently missed 2 different calls, of which tina makes great effort to point out that it was my fault I wasn’t there to answer the phone, when they want to call at all random hours, just because I am a disabled combat veteran does not mean I can sit next to my phone all day everyday untill comcast decides to contact me.

currently I am still waiting for any sort of resolution from xfinity

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