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6 Best Places For Outside Security Cameras For Your Home

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Finding The Best Spot To Place Outside Security Cameras For Your Home

The first step is in home security is buying outside security cameras for your home. When you have done that, you will now be faced with another important task – which is installing them where they will be more efficient to you and help you maximize your home security.

Well-placed outside security cameras can make a big difference. According to a report by FBI, the total value of reported stolen property was more than $12 billion in 2015. What is more shocking is that some of these thefts happened even when the homeowners have outside security cameras for their home installed. Unfortunately, most of them did it wrong, especially those ones who did not make use of expert advice when installing their cameras.

You may not be as protected as you think when your home security camera system is placed in the wrong areas. Whether you want to make use of an expert or you want to install these cameras on your own, you will need to figure out the best places to maximize their efficiency.

After choosing the best outside security cameras for your home, you will need to walk through your home with your security goals in mind. Places like garage doors and first story windows will make good places to install your cameras. Always have it in mind to install the camera out of reach (and even out of sight when possible).


Top 6 Places To Install Outside Security Cameras For Your Home

Below, we have listed 6 best places you can install your security cameras:

  1. Front Door

According to security experts, the front door is one place you must consider when you want to keep your home safe by installing an outdoor security camera outside security cameras for your homesystem. According to statistics, more than estimated 34% of all burglars enter through the front door. That might seem hard to believe.  After all, the front door is usually exposed to street traffic and neighbors.  That doesn’t mean, however, you should neglect this location.

You will need to install your camera at second-floor level and focus it on the front door. If you don’t have a second-floor, a good alternative will be to enclose your front door camera in mesh wiring to protect it from sticks, rocks, and other weapons. If that isn’t possible, a good doorbell camera is a great option.  The most popular is the Ring.com doorbell.  There are other types of doorbell cameras available, so choose the one that best fits your needs and location.


  1. Back Door

When it comes to installing outside security cameras for your home, you should never ignore the backdoor. About 22% of home burglars make their way into your home through the back door entrance. You will need to place a camera on your back door and every entry door you have for that matter.

Always make a point to install your camera out of human hands, this will protect it from intruders trying to block it or destroy it by throwing weapons at it.  Motion detection and night vision are also features you want to have on your backdoor camera.  This is often an area that is not well lit or observed.


  1. Off-Street Windows

In some cases, when burglars cannot enter your home through the front or back door, they usually break a rear window to make their way into your home. Glass Break Sensors are also good companion devices for this type of location.  Burglars usually choose a window that is not in direct view of the street so they can decrease their chances of being caught. Statistics showed that 23% of burglars make use of this entrance.

You will need to install a camera here to deter intruders or catch any intruder that may be trying to enter your home.

  1. Backyard and Side Gate

Intruders are always attracted by things that are left lying around. If you leave your kid’s bike unattended, this may draw the attention of an intruder. Unopened gates are another attractor.  If you have children that often leave the gate opened or unlocked, you should seriously consider this location for outside security cameras for your home.

A good way to protect yourself is by installing wireless outdoor home security cameras at this place. A “must have” option for this location is to install motion-sensor floodlights and a night vision outdoor surveillance camera.  If you have a backyard that is fenced, install your camera in such a way that it has a view of the entrance gate.  The motion detection feature will let you know if someone has entered the gate.  Motion activated floodlights can startle an intruder and may also offer good deterrence in this place.


  1. Basement Stairs

Don’t think that your outside basement door is too small that it can’t fit in an intruder. This may be a costly mistake on your side. You will need to install a camera on the stairs leading up from the basement to your home. This won’t need to be an outdoor wifi camera if the location is protected from the weather.  Plan ahead for this type of location when you are purchasing your outside security cameras.

Having a camera here will help you to catch any intruder that is trying to break into your home through the window of your basement.


  1. Garage

best outdoor home security cameraBurglars know two things for certain – your garage is always unoccupied and it houses expensive items like cars and bikes. Moreover, it is one place they can guarantee they will find weapons such as pitchforks or shovels to break into your home.

Fortunately, placing a wireless outdoor surveillance camera in the garage is very easy. Thanks to lots of shelves and an easy access to a power supply. To maximize your camera efficiency, ensure you point it at an angle to your garage’s opening.  If you can catch the main garage door and the pedestrian door in the same camera shot, that is your ideal placement point.





When you have chosen the best outside security camera for your home; where you place them matters a lot. When you place them at right places and angle, you will be able to maximize their efficiency. Whether you are installing these cameras by yourself or using an expert, always ensure you have cameras at these places mentioned above.

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