Best Home Security Cameras

Trying to find the right security set up.


We currently are trying to figure out what we should do for home security.

Right now I feel pretty good about going the route of ring alarm system with a few cameras or a set up with Arlo.

Any pros and cons to either that I should consider. Do you recommend doing a security system like ring, or something more diy like Arlo cameras.


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5 Thoughts to “Trying to find the right security set up.”

  1. Kv603

    Any alarm is more effective “security” than cameras; better yet is an alarm that can trigger your cameras to record when it is triggered.

    Can’t say that I would go with something like Ring.

    1. TravisHeberling

      Do you currently have a system that you prefer?

  2. Pegg10

    Your question is a little open ended, so I’ll try to cover some bases.

    If you want clarity, and 24/7 coverage, a PoE camera is the best bet. If you want mobility, concealability, and a smartphone interface built in, a “wifi only” camera might work.

    –Wifi only (battery) cams are motion sensor cams unless they are plugged in.

    –Having owned many of these (and trying them out over several years), what I want (I’m talking outside visibility) is good night vision. (IMO, most of the cameras out there will provide you decent daytime coverage–what distinguishes them is the night vision).

    Adding to what KV603 said is correct (and I agree with his comment about Ring, except for one thing I will explain). IMO Ring has crappy night vision (I have several Ring devices).

    –The Ring requires a cloud subscription ($100 yr for more than one camera. You’ll likely need the Ring Chime Pro (a dedicated wifi extender with a chime) also.

    — The one good thing: The Ring can work with IFTTT to turn on a light (like Lifx) or switch, Like WEMO, and this is helpful.

    — As does the Arlo. I don’t own the Arlo, so I am enclosing a link to someone I trust on it. It’s expensive. One of my neighbors owns the original Arlo, and he’s having problems with it. Lifehackster review of the Arlo Pro is below.

    You may be wondering what I have (I own an interior townhome with the garage in the back): I have a Ring 2 doorbell in the front (it’s okay, but much better when my very bright porchlight is on).

    I sometimes put my Reolink Argus 2 out there as well just to see what’s going on.

    In the back I have a wired, plug in Ring Spotlight (it’s good for motion sensing, and the IFTTT support). Suggest you never use a Ring device battery only (except the doorbell).

    I have a Yi bullet cam under the deck 24/7 for my truck. It CAN provide smartphone alerts.

    The Argus 2 takes a magnetic mount, I have an Argus 2 also sitting under my deck for grins.

    Here are the Argus 2’s off my phone (3 of them).

    If you really want a good rundown on all these cameras; check out the LIFEHACKSTER channel on YouTube.

    Also, look at, and see which of those cameras work with other things: (i.e., My Ring devices can turn on LiFX lights in my bedroom in the middle of the night to alert me; in addition to a smartphone notification).

    The available combinations of cameras, and their capabilities is staggering–not able to be discussed in comments.

    That’s why I say: decide what’s important to you (for me it’s the night vision, but by using the Argus 2 and the Yi, I forego IFTTT. However, my Ring devices CAN use IFTTT, so I have that coverage too.).

    1. TravisHeberling

      Great info Thanks

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