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Securing items in an apartment building’s shared garage?

I’m renting an apartment in a 4 unit building with a garage which I can use (and need to use) for storage of various things like camping gear and sports equipment.

Unfortunately the other tenants have access to my area of the garage. I don’t have reason to believe they will steal anything, but it’s possible, and it’s possible intruders could break in or walk in a door accidentally left open.

I purchased a metal locking cabinet ( but the lock is flimsy, basically like a filing cabinet lock, really just meant to keep kids and opportunistic thieves out. A crowbar would open it in seconds.

I’m going to try installing a camera and maybe security system with sensors on the cabinet doors, but I’d also like to physically secure it better. Any suggestions?

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6 Thoughts to “Securing items in an apartment building’s shared garage?”

  1. Jamesv67

    How far away is your appartment? If close enough you could alway putbi wireless sensor or it and have the control panel in your area.i recently installed a wireless contact on a woman’s night stand drawer. Things of a personal nature were being taken from her drawer and she wanted to be alerted when drawers were opened. Well it didn’t take long to find out it was her teenage daughter borrowing things from her

  2. Deadliftingfool

    Probably not too relevant to you. But in my old apartment close to Santa Monica, CA. We had a shared garage that was frequently burglarized (like once a month). People thought I was crazy when I bought a $150 bike lock for a $100 bike. But after 3 years, every single persons bike in the apartment got stolen except mine.

  3. Cowabunco

    Bolt on hasps and use a sturdy padlock? Maybe put a metal backing plate inside if you think the cabinet metal is too thin to resist an attempt a crowbar the lock off.

    The hasp should be like 5 bucks. Or a super lazy way would be to drill holes and use a chain.

  4. I’ve used small storage sheds with a padlock on the doors. I’ve had great success in high theft areas.

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