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Ready To Pull Trigger On 1st Security System (LaView) – Need Advice and Reassurance

So this will be the 1st security system I’ve ever installed and I’m looking for advice….really reassurance that what I’m about to get will not be a huge mistake. I’m going to get the following from Amazon…

# LaView 4-Megapixel (2688 x 1520) 8CH PoE NVR Security Cameras System – 4 4MP Security Camera System – 2 4MP Bullet and 2 4MP Dome IP Surveillance Cameras, 100ft Night Vision, 4TB Hard Drive



Here’s what I like…
– The price seems good at $499
– You get 2 different types of cameras which is what I’m looking for since the bullets will be aiming down the side of the house and I don’t want a wide angle.
– 4MP cameras
– 8 channels with 4TB drive included
– PoE and ONVIF

What I’m not sure about
– LaView reliability. I heard that this is Hikvision re-branded equipment.
– Software capability/quality. I heard that the features are lacking as compared to Hikvision version but as my 1st system I don’t think I will need advanced features.

There are a lot of options out there and getting to this conclusion took a week of searching. I also considered Amcrest, BNT, Annke, and Reolink but settled on LaView because of the features and ONVIF support….and of course the price.

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11 Thoughts to “Ready To Pull Trigger On 1st Security System (LaView) – Need Advice and Reassurance”

  1. wcz

    The software for la view is my main issue. Not as user friendly as nest. You can find pretty good deals on Newegg

    1. sdegonge

      That’s okay if not as user friendly. Also want Poe with NVR solution and I don’t think that Nest can do it.

  2. Pegg10

    Somebody here some months ago had real bad things to say about LaView. Just don’t remember who.

    1. sdegonge

      Yea, I’ve seen some of these but it seems that every system out there has some bad reviews. Hopefully these are isolated incidents.

  3. ZippyTheChicken

    like you say every system has its pluses and minuses … and no two people are going to experience it the same way


    First thing I would do is compare this system with the cameras you can get with other systems.. go to youtube .. find reviews .. see if the resolution and night time viewing works well for you.


    then the next thing is can you upgrade this system with better cameras. since its a NVR you probably can add IP cameras and there should be a review of doing that and maybe find a list of ones that are supported if there is a list.


    there is going to come a point where 4k video is not enough and we won’t want it anymore but having the ability to upgrade cameras is important for future proofing and in what format the video is saved.

    1. sdegonge

      so true. thanks

  4. AlexusN

    Why not buy the system from LaView directly? I mean, they have their own online store and in case something goes wrong – it’s easier to deal with manufacturer if you bought stuff directly from them…

    1. sdegonge

      The configuration I wanted was not available and doing the custom configuration was hundreds more and I’d still have to add Ethernet cables.

  5. kheszi

    That’s a good price: $50 lower than doing a direct custom build on their website, and you are getting a larger 4TB hard drive. This is perfect for a residential install. I have several of these installed in the field and they are very reliable.

    1. sdegonge


      Just bought it.

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