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Non cloud-only cameras

Is there any IP Camera without cloud access to my private life? I don’t know how people trust them, making an account in a vendor’s website and then stream their privacy through them. I won’t name the reasons why _not_, I am just curious If I can find a good old GUI device webpage (locally hosted).

I was looking into zmodo and esviz but all I can see is cloud access.

Also what about onvif and connection to a separate NVR? (as motionEye) ?

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12 Thoughts to “Non cloud-only cameras”

  1. Kv603

    There are plenty, they tend to be the higher end (expensive) brands. Best are Axis, Bosch, Sony, etc. One step down are the “Made in China” cameras which aren’t cloud-tethered, you’ll need to hunt around for the ones that work without registering to a vendor cloud for management.

    Any “ONVIF Profile S” conformant camera is required to work without Internet access, can be recorded to a local ONVIF-conformant NVR or software NVR.

  2. BornOnFeb2nd

    Generally the “Cloudy” ones are the cheaper ones…if you go higher end, like Axis, you *need* a NVR for them to really be useful…

    1. Kv603

      While on-camera storage is *usually* a good sign, not all cameras with a MicroSD slot are immune from cloud-addiction, for example the /r/wyzecam/ cameras take a card, but are entirely unmanageable without Internet (unless you reflash them with [OpenIPC](

      Even Axis Communications has moved towards the dark side with [their partnership with Camcloud]( At some site, we have no local NVR, set the cameras to upload over a VPN when certain motion is detected using the advanced in-camera video analytics.

      1. tonystarkco

        “Cloudy”, the “dark side” …. I really like your terms. This is exactly the same opinion that I have about them.

    1. DelphFox

      Only if you don’t like more than 5fps at any resolution above 640×480. At least, that was my experience.

    2. vchowdhary

      came here to post this. also, use to make it easy

  3. johnnybgoode

    There are cheap cameras like Foscam that just have a local web UI and no recording ability.

    Ubiquiti gets my vote for a more comprehensive system. Cameras + NVR gives you local recording and optional remote streaming with a nice UI.

    1. tonystarkco

      foscams are crap. The UI partially works when it works only in certain versions of windows. I have 3 of them.

      Nice idea about ubiquity. I will make a research. Thanks.

  4. claudemirmartins

    You can use a cloud solution or a camera that records the video in its own SD card.

    I recommend you to try the Angelcam cloud, it’s professional solution that works with different brands. You can try it for free just to make sure you like it.

    Take a look at this [article about cloud service]( and this other [article about the Angelcam.](


    It’s possible to use an IP camera or a local recorder that also sends video to the cloud.

    I hope that helps.

  5. superben79

    d-link has OK ip cam which you can record video local SD and you can also view it remotely

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