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Hikvision DS-2CD1041-I for small garden

I am thinking about buying two or three Hikvision DS-2CD1041-I for my small garden. Does anyone of you have any experience with this device? The main thing I am wondering is about the webpage of the camera. I have experience mostly with foscams where the UI is absolutely terrible: not supported in Linux and macOS. Looking forward to listen to your opinion.

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2 Thoughts to “Hikvision DS-2CD1041-I for small garden”

  1. claudemirmartins

    Hikvision is a way bigger cameras manufacturer compared to foscam.

    You can install plugins to use in different browsers and there’s even a plugin for MacOS.

    Use a [mobile app]( or cloud service is also a good option with Hikvision devices.

    Take a look at these articles, they can help you:

    [How to access Hikvision DVRs from mobile](

    [Manage Dahua and Hikvision with the same software](

    [How CCTV camera cloud recording works](


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