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5 Thoughts to “First set up recommendation”

  1. namtaru_x

    How many indoor? Outdoor? Do you have something to record to (NVR)? Can you do IP cameras or do they have to be wireless?

    1. MRB7

      Looking for all outdoors and either is fine. IP can be done but would add to the cost to have a buddy do it.

  2. Phoenixrisingla

    I recommend watching for a month or two.

    I got a budget LaView 6 camera 1080p PoE setup including the HDD on the controller for about $320.

    If you’re patient you can snag something good. If you want lower resolution (strongly recommend against if you’re actually using this system to protect something or identify people) you can go even cheaper.

  3. maxxborist

    Definitely keep an eye out on slickdeals. I was able to snag the Lechange 4k POE setup for 399.99 at B&H photo and with Black Friday coming up – I’m sure there will be more deals coming.

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