Dericam Outdoor WiFi Security Camera
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Dericam Outdoor WiFi IP Security Camera Review

Dericam Outdoor WiFi Security Camera



Outdoor security cameras are an essential part of your home security system.  In our review of outdoor security cameras, we look at overall value, performance, ease of installation, and reliability.

At the top of our list is the Dericam Outdoor WiFi IP Security Camera.  This the more economical version of the popular Dericam S1 series outdoor cameras, at about 2/3rds the price.  It gets a 5 Star Amazon rating based on over 30 customer reviews.

Some of the most preferred features include:

  • “Rotating camera with plastic dome protection”

  • “Super easy to set up”
  • “For the price it does a very good job”
  • “…easy to use, great distance range, clear day and night picture.”
  • “For the money, these are excellent cameras”

Dericam S1E Wi-Fi PT – Best Outdoor Security Camera

Pan/Tilt visibility of 360 degrees and a digital zoom function bring more convenience of control, and constantly enhance your video with a 90-degree viewing angle. You can remotely move the camera to any directions you want to watch. With improved structure and movement control, the Dericam outdoor security camera works more stable and efficiently. No matter where you mount it, it always provide you with a full vision and a full range of protection.

True HD Video Quality
Have you ever had a frustrating experience of trying to recognize the detail from a blurred image? The Dericam outdoor security camera equipped with Optina AR0130 image sensor produces sharper, cleaner images with a full 1280 x 960p resolution at 25 frames per second (FPS). Having this level of detail brings you better security.

All-weather Guard
Do you worry about your outdoor security camera exposed in the heavy rain or snow would be damaged? With IP65 weather-proof design, the Dericam camera will keep working without any affects by severe weather. Why not to relax yourself and have a cup of coffee as everything is being ‘monitored’?

‘Bright Eyes’ in The Dark
Embedded with 22 powerful IR LEDs which provide up to 65 feet of night vision, ‘I’ can see everything clearly in the dark even without missing a dog. So my dear master, please go to sleep in peace when ‘I’ am standing outside with my eyes open at night.


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