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Dahua CCTV Problems

I have a Dahua recorder and am trying to put a LTS – PTZ camera on it. I have finally got it seeing it but have had to make it onvif in the settings of adding the camera. I am having all sorts of problems. It will not allow me to do any of the settings that are available. i.e. facial recognition nor will it allow me to set any of the PTZ settings or anything like that. It is also very jumpy while being viewed on the screen live. Can anybody assist me with any of the problems I am having. I dont want to go back to the installer as they keep trying to tell me I dont need what I want to have and put ridiculous prices on it because they dont want to do what I want. They just want to do a simple installation, which they have done and then got up and left without even showing me how to use the system. ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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3 Thoughts to “Dahua CCTV Problems”

  1. tbonewilly85

    Lts has proprietary software that will not allow it to work with your system. However it will work with alibi or hikvision or alibi and lts are rebranded hikvision

  2. claudemirmartins

    Are you using a Dahua NVR ?

    If that’s the case you either need to use a Dahua camera or a camera with an universal protocol just like you did (ONVIF).


    The problem however is that [ONVIF has some limitation]( and that’s the reason you are having some problems. You can update the camera to the last firmware version to see if that helps or use a software such as the [Blue Iris]( that can record Dahua and LTS cameras on your computer.

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