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Cheaper monitoring options for qolsys iq2 system?

Hi guys. Just got system through link interactive with the qolsys iq2 panel as well as sensors and image motion sensors. Currently I have a plan with link for monitoring plus Central station and image plan for the 2 motion cameras. Price is about 40.99 with and advantguard monitoring. Are there any cheaper alternatives to monitor this system? Not sure if it is locked yet as I haven’t put on my imei number into surety diy. Anyone have this system monitored with another company for less?

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5 Thoughts to “Cheaper monitoring options for qolsys iq2 system?”

  1. defendityourself

    That isn’t a bad rate with images for

    1. mt379

      Yeah I know comparing it to every other company like Vivint, adt, front point I believe and a few others. Just trying to punch pennies it at all possible

  2. TheWigglerSpot

    It’s too much imo. Same plan with someone like SuretyDIY I believe is 28 bucks.

    1. mt379

      was checking into them. will have to give them another look. any experience with them?

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