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5 Thoughts to “Buying a Lorex camera system, How can I watch the feed from multiple TVs throughout the house?”

  1. solarplex

    I have a feeling you could use milestone server to feed the cameras into it to record and then live view from milestone clients on the other TVs. This method would be resource expensive though.

  2. tbonewilly85

    Does the Dvr have hdmi or a f connector for video output? If it’s hdmi you can use a hdmi splitter same goes for the f connector output

  3. claudemirmartins

    1. You can use HDMI from the DVR or NVR directly to the TVs using splitter and extender

    Read [this article]( for the details on the extenders


    2. You can use a App that connects to your recorder or camera and mirror it to the TV

    Watch [this video]( for the details on how to do it

    Read [this article]( to learn about the Free App.


    I hope this helps

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