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Blue IrisReolink Question

Hello all!

I have multiple Reolink 423’s and have a question about camera type/RTSP Stream quality using Blue Iris.

When clicking on find/inspect on Blue Iris (to pull the PTZ info presets off the cameras) it defaults the type of camera to Generic. This works fine, as does setting it to the Reolink camera type.

My question is Generic VS Reolink…Is there a difference on what kind of stream it’s pulling, and is setting it to one or the other any better?

In the Reolink URL, is it better to leave channel/steam=0 or is there a better option to pull a higher quality stream off it? (I have encoding set to high)

Generic URL: /h264Preview_01_main

Reolink URL: /bcs/channel0_main.bcs?channel=0&stream=0&user={id}&password={pw}

Thanks in advance 🙂

>!I asked this question on IPCamTalk, was told that my equipment is junk, got zero help, replied asking if anyone could actually help me, got called a bunch of rude things, was banned, and then was emailed a bunch by the admin…If I did anything wrong by asking this could someone please let me know? =\ I really do like my cameras and have had zero issues with them….I’m just not really sure what I did wrong…!<

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6 Thoughts to “Blue IrisReolink Question”

  1. rimtutituki

    Similar happened to me as well. Fenderman is a major asshole, and that forum is filled with Dahua shills. I decided not to buy anything from Dahua, or Andy (I think that’s the name of their fav dealer) just because of that forum. They should be banned from Reddit.

    1. judgeofthebookcovers

      Unfortunate to hear. I just purchased a test camera from Andy after the 180* turn UBNT just made regarding their support for BYOD to their Unifi Protect platform. The forum seemed to be heavily Dahua favored but had heard nothing bad of the cameras. Hope I receive my camera and didn’t just get completely scammed.

  2. defendityourself

    Ipcamtalk seems like an aggressive forum full of shills. I posted in the introduction thread just saying who I was and what I do and got banned

    1. misspellbot

      You know you misspelled **agressive**. It’s actually spelled **aggressive**. Don’t let me catch you misspelling words again!

  3. shsdavid

    They don’t get kick backs from reolink.

    Plenty of people have reolink and use it just fine with blue Iris, myself included. Nobody talks about it over there bc you’ll get shot in the face and you’re obviously wrong or a shill for reolink.

    I believe I just use the generic profile with no issues. I can check when I get home though.

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