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Abode vs SimpliSafe

Hi guys, my home insurance renewal is coming up, and my agent informed me that I can receive a $60 discount if I install a security system. After researching a bit, I’ve landed on either Abode or SimpliSafe as my two best options. Which one do you guys prefer/recommend and why?

I ideally would like to self-monitor and not have any monthly ongoing fees. This is the one reason I’m leaning towards Abode. Additionally, while many threads say that Abode is more expensive, their essentials package(w/ keypad) costs $270 while Simplisafe costs $260. To be fair, it’s not an apples to apples comparison because SS includes more door/window sensors **but** Abode includes a keyfob remote. And to be honest, the SS system looks better (but that I don’t care about too much).

I figure after 4-5 years, the security system will have paid for itself with my savings on home insurance ($60/year). Thanks for the help!

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6 Thoughts to “Abode vs SimpliSafe”

  1. grandstaff

    Check with your insurer, but for me the discount only applies if I have central monitoring.

    1. jshah500

      They told me that self-monitoring is $59 and police-monitoring is $61. She was as surprised as me that it’s only a $2 increase to have it monitored by the police.

      1. grandstaff

        I’ve never heard of a discount for a self-monitored system, but that’s awesome. It will probably become more common with good DIY options like Abode becoming more widespread.

  2. amn-3

    Very happy Abode customer for all the reasons that they promote.

  3. chubbydoggy

    I considered Simplisafe but bought Abode. I like not having any monthly fees. I used this web site for guidance.

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